“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift"
Pierre Corneille

I’m always genuinely flattered when a submissive chooses to spoil me. Gifts are by no means expected but if you’d like to treat me to a little something to thank me for our time together, or indeed just because, I’ve provided some inspiration below.


Amazon Wish List

My Favourite

Flowers – Stargazer lilies

Perfume – Jean Paul Gaultier Intense

Tipple – Taittinger Nocturne or Kraken Rum

Chocolate – Lindt white chocolate

Gift Cards

A gift card of your choice can be sent to info@mistresselysia.co.uk

I particularly enjoy cards from

Lush Cosmetics

Playful Promises

House of Fraser

If you’d like to hand pick something for me....

Dress size - 12/Medium

Bra size - 34D

Shoe size - 5


Mistress Elysia today

@LittleSissyMia Last time we spoke all was fine, so whats with the attention seeking tweet rather than speaking to me?
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Mistress Elysia 1 days ago

Too damn pretty 💅
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Mistress Elysia 2 days ago

RT @awfarubbry: @ElysiaDomme Leave me breathless....even when apart 🙂.
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